App Innovators - Creators of 'Bones Lab Panic' for Fox

We're the leading creators of the 'Talent Integrated App' - which leverages existing talent in new ways to engage loyal viewers/communities, and offer exciting new marketing opportunities. We built a unique integrated game 'Lab Panic' for the Fox series 'Bones' and we can do the same for you. We also build traditional apps - like the globally popular 'Prawn Star'.

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What our clients say about us

"Tim and team are fantastic collaborators, with a knack for understanding and translating creative direction and feedback into fun and compelling integrated projects that exceed expectations. With strong writing, gameplay design, and artistic talent, their combined creative and technical abilities can deliver on any challenge big or small."
- Alex Hughes, Fox Broadcasting Company

"JHS was able to make the development of our first app a smooth and easy process.
The result - an amazing game that kids love, was better than we ever envisaged."

- Chris Valavanis
FGB Natural Products

About Us

We have three goals – build innovative, high quality apps; make the process easy; and keep costs reasonable.
We handle all stages - game/app ideas, design/art, all the technical details, scripting/production of video inserts - through to the launch itself. We're professional, versatile - and at the cutting edge of the app building business.


  • We listen
  • We ask questions
  • We collaborate
  • We suggest ideas
  • A project is born


  • We draw
  • We consult
  • You give opinions
  • We adjust
  • An App takes shape


  • We build
  • You see samples
  • We build some more
  • You are happy
  • We help you launch

What we do for our clients

Clients come to us with an idea, or desire to fill a marketing/logistical need, and we help.
With offices in Los Angeles, and Melbourne, Australia, and no outsourcing at any stage, someone's always available to answer questions or offer suggestions.

Blitz Nitz 600x600

Blitz Nitz

Our Apps

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Client: FGB for Euky Bear Brand
- iOS / Android app
- Client wanted marketing tool for product launch
- We developed game concept/visual 'look'
- Original music.
Prawn Star 600x600

Prawn Star

Our Apps

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- Original concept
- iPhone/iPad app
- 20,000+ downloads
- In 80+ countries
- FreeAppMagic ‘App of the Day’ – twice
- Original music/ sound effects
Weight Tracker 600x600

Am I Fat

Our Apps

Client: Jenny Craig Australia
- Complex calories counter/weight tracker
- Stores user progress
- Links to user personal website account
Math with Mates 600x600

Math With Mates

Our Apps

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- Original concept
- iPhone/iPad App
- ‘Scrabble’ with numbers
- Downloads in 80+ countries
For You 600x600

For You

Our Apps

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- Original Concept
- iPhone/Ipad App
- Delivers flower pics via email/text
- Downloads in 80+ countries
Business Inspirations 600x600

Business Inspirations

Our Apps

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Client: BE Media Production
- iPhone app
- Delivers daily quote in audio & written form
- Downloads in 50+ countries
- Boosted subscriber loyalty & generate new

Who we are

The John Herman team is small, and specialized. We have all aspects of the process covered. We offer ideas and inspiration. We handle all the logistics and keep things organized and under control. And we have one of the best designer/developers in the business. The combination of creativity, client service and technical skill makes us rare…and special.

Tim Schildberger

Tim Schildberger

Founder and Creative Genius

  • The 'Ideas guy'
  • Worked on 'Borat'
  • Created US TV series
  • Writes, produces, creates

  • Will help turn your basic concept into a fun, useful app.
  • Nick Schildberger

    Nick Schildberger

    Founder and Project Manager

  • The ‘Details guy’
  • Keeps projects on track
  • Always available to answer questions
  • Will hold your hand and work with you the entire way through the app creation process
  • Paul-Mitchell-smile

    Paul Mitchell

    Head Developer

  • Started developing for Commodore 64 in 1988
  • Worked on 'Real Racing' App while at Firemint
  • Cutting edge graphics, animations and CGI
  • Will create an App that not only works well but looks fantastic
  • Contact John Herman Studios

    Do you have an idea for an app, or a question about an existing app, we'd love to hear from you.
    We have offices in Los Angeles and Melbourne.
    Email: johnhermanstudios@gmail.com